All our bouts were built at the boatyard of Anton Witti, on of two who are still building traditional Zillen boats. The technical equipment comes from the boatyard of Family Mayer in Aggsbach. We can be easily recognized with the traditional painting of the boats. 



with 80 HP, cruising through Wachau valley. Up to 10 persons (for tastings max. 8 persons). This boat is also ideal to go swimming. Who is brave enough can also try to waterski! 

no roof – not weatherproof


Equipped with 2 x 60 HP this boat is remarkably bigger and our most comfortable boat. Up to 13 persons.

With roof and mobile walls, this boat is resistant to almost every weather! 


This boat is a compromise between Zilli and Watstein.  A bit smaller than the Watstein, but with a roof, it offers space for 10 persons. 

Mobile walls help in case of rain and wind. 



Dürnstein is our regular ferry boat.
River crossings up to 12 persons. 

Thanks Torqueedo, Dürnstein is driving with electricity and charging the LiIon batteries with solar energy on the roof, made by PVTechnologies. At good conditions we do not need any additional electricity. 


If needed we can also rent other boats to transport bigger groups!