Finger food and wine, a proper snack break or pick nick
at the banks of the Danube,
we are happy to organise it for you:

Wachau mini pastry

No matter if a small Wachauer Laberl (regional bread roll) from the local bakery in town, Wachau Spitz or other pastries – filled with various delicacies such as ham, cheese, roastbeef, etc. they offer an ideal snack on the boat. 


Prepared with lots of love – small appetizers for an aperitif on the boat or paired with a wine tasting! Bite-sized delicacies with toppings of your choice e.g. with roastbeef, salmon, cheece, salami or other specialities!

Heurigen or Gourmet break

Arrange a typcial “Heurigen” visit on the boat! No matter if a classic Wachau snack break or a gourmet break for special occasions – just let us know your wishes and preferences! 

Halazle or Goulash

Original hungarian fish soup or hungarian goulash prepared at an open fire place.
We use carp, sturgeon and cat fish from regional breedings and Austrian beef of best quality. 
Served with fresh bread and chili for people who love to eat hot and spicy! 


Sausages, steaks, cutlets, prawns, vegetables and pimientos (all dishes upon seasonal availability). 

Served with fresh salads, sauces and bread! 



Prices for tastings

Wachauer mini pastry (roastbeef, cheese, ham, …)€ 2,40 / piece
Canapes (salmon, roastbeef, cheese, …)€ 2,40 / piece
Heurigen – snack incl. Wachau bread roll and cake€ 18,00 / person
Gourmet – break incl. Wachau bread roll and cake€ 26,00 / person
Goulash prepared at an open fire place€ 200 (preparation) + € 25 / person
Halazle (hungarian fish soup) prepared
at an open fire place
€ 200 (preparation) + € 30 / person
BBQ at the banks of the Danube
incl. fresh salads, sauces and side dishes 
€ 200 (preparation) + € 25 / Person


Wines upon consumption between € 28 – € 80 per bottle,
beer, water and juices upon consumption

Dinner and food on the banks of the Danube are usually arranged in picknick-style!
People are sitting around a fire place, on the banks.
Certainly we provide pillows and blankets to sit on. 

For those preferring a luxury flair we can also organise this!
Tables and banks, porcelain dishes and table clothes are charged with € 10,00 per person.